We Believe

in Navigating Teens to Their True North.

Imagine having Supportive, Experienced Teachers Guiding Your Teen to Transform their Potential into Boundless Progress.

Why enroll your teen in our live webinars?

We ensure each young adult feels valued and understood. Our teachers provide life coaching and invaluable insights, hope, engagement, and well-being that bring focus on empowering your teen with Keys for life success which include:


Empowerment & Discovery

Ignite your teen’s passion and purpose with ‘Your Key, Your Door’, a unique webinar experience that reveals their individual spirit and guides them in making life’s crucial decisions.


Navigating Life

With powerful exercises and inspiring interviews, our mentors help teens navigate life with happiness, satisfaction, and strategic decision-making skills for abundant living.


Purposeful Future

We help your teen draft a life purpose statement, explore fitting careers, practice goal-setting with follow-through. These exercises empower them to craft a future aligned with their unique life purpose.

Our Invitation for You as a Parent or Caregiver

Imagine your teen embarking on a journey of self-discovery with our unique webinar for youth, ages 12-19. Designed by expert mentors and crafted to make every young adult feel heard, valued, and respected. We specialize in sparking their motivation by helping them discover their uniqueness, life purpose, and the invaluable contribution they bring to the world. In the Pensacola Florida area, in-person classes are welcome, and course attendee minimums apply.

Goals-Focused Track
(9 weekly sessions)

Career-Choice-Focused Track
(9 weekly sessions)

Webinar Details

• The webinar will meet weekly for one hour, at the same time/day each week for 9 consecutive weeks. 
• The textbook, the foundation of our course, will be mailed to your teen about a week before the start of the webinar.
• There is about an hour of homework in the textbook each week.
•  A session is recorded, if requested, and is available for review by your teen for one week after the missed session if your teen misses a session.

Empower your child’s self-discovery journey with our expert-led webinar

Open a brighter future for your young adult with this transformative experience, available now for just $436 for 9 sessions. Choose between a single installment or two monthly payments. Enroll now and receive a complimentary PDF book on guiding youth and teen development. Should you wish, a full refund is available after the first session and before the second session, demonstrating our commitment to your child’s transformative journey.

Choosing These Skill-Building Webinars Means Opening Avenues For Your Youth. Each Day Counts In Their Journey To Resilience, Confidence, And Emotional Intelligence. Be The Catalyst For Their Remarkable Transformation.

What Principals are Saying About “Your Key, Your Door”

“The concepts and methods used in the Doorknob Life Purpose Discovery books give youth purpose and direction, which is paramount and of vital importance for students in this day and age. It is the missing piece that connects the voids between obtainable information and their life that guides them to know how to turn information into true knowledge, which is when one has information and knows what to do with it. The use of the Doorknob materials is important for students with all the changes that are happening in education today by providing guidance, and teaching young people skills and strategies for a successful life and career.”

Russell Hughes, principal, Walton High School, DeFuniak Springs, Florida
(principal for 10 years in both Middle and High schools, leader of “Grade A” school)