We Believe A Young Adult’s Journey Matters

They deserve clarity and direction

Isn’t it time to envision your young adult thriving with a passion-driven life, filled with purpose, joy, and unwavering motivation? Does this resonate with your young adult’s aspirations and interests?

Help Your Young Adult Step into a World of Enhanced Personal Dynamics, Visions, Heightened Motivation, Better Follow Through, and Deep Purposeful Life Engagement.

Why Choose Our Personalized Life
Success Coaching for Your Young Adult?

Imagine a future where your young adult thrives, skillfully navigating personal, educational, and professional landscapes with confidence and clarity. Picture them breaking through barriers, transforming challenges into stepping stones for success. This isn’t just a hopeful vision — it’s the tangible outcome of our Life Success Coaching Program.

The Young Adult Personal
Coaching Experience

Unlock Potential: Discover the transformative power of life purpose and vision. Our comprehensive, 16-hour, 4-5 month program for ages 12-25, guides young adults to experience their journey toward self-discovery and fulfillment.

Strategic Life Planning: Embark on a clear path to success. Our individual, tailored coaching empowers your young adult to meticulously plan and actively pursue an enriching life and career, building a foundation for lasting achievement.

Boost Confidence and Creativity: Elevate well-being on every level. Through our program, and skillful guidance by our certified coaches, young adults gain increased satisfaction and confidence, harnessing focused energy and fun, while unlocking their innate intuition and creativity.

Celebrate Achievement: Accelerate the young adult’s potential with a Certificate of Success, a special recognition for every young person who completes our 16-hour Personal/Career Life Coaching Program. Proudly accredited by the globally acclaimed Success Unlimited Network and the International Coach Federation, this certificate is not just a piece of paper – it’s a testament to dedication and growth for their personal and professional journey.

Empowerment for Tomorrow’s Achievers

Witness the transformation as your young adult transcends barriers, embracing independence and responsibility. Feel the joy of nurturing a future where they are emotionally balanced, socially connected, and poised for success. This is the heart of our program — shaping the leaders, innovators, and trailblazers of tomorrow.

Our Invitation for You as a Parent or Caregiver for Your Child

Unlock a brighter future for your young adult with our Life Success Coaching. Our tailored coaching programs fit your/their needs. Type “Unlock” in the contact message for a 10% discount. This is a special offer to invest in their lifelong success!

of Young Adult’s

Each day counts in their journey to resilience, confidence, and emotional intelligence. Contact us to enroll now and be the catalyst for their remarkable transformation. 

Act Now
for a Prosperous

With Teri’s deep commitment to young people’s growth and a quickly filling schedule, coaching opportunities are precious. Today is your opportunity to make a lasting positive impact on their life.

!Choosing the Young Adult Personal Coaching Program means opening avenues to a future rich in growth and success. Experience the transformative approach of our Coaching Programs today. Questions about coaching? Reach out now to connect with Teri and find your answers.

We would like to personally endorse Teri Haggerty as a life coach for our son. Our son is in his early twenties and has struggled with finding direction in his life. He has had multiple jobs and has been unable to keep them. As parents, it has been very hard to watch his frustration with life and his inability to make good choices.

We hired Teri to coach our son to get his life on a productive track. The one thing that has impressed us is that she started by looking at where our son was currently in his life.  She has taken into account the whole family dynamics. Teri has been able to help our son look within himself at what would bring him joy in life. Not only in finding a meaningful career but also in building healthy happy relationships with others.

They set several goals and tasks for him to work on throughout the week. She has him thinking about his future and helping him develop skills to reach his goals. A big improvement that we have witnessed is the way he communicates with others. He now stops and thinks before reacting to a situation. With us as parents, he still can snap, but he is coming back and apologizing for his actions. Our son is making great strides and we look forward to him continuing on his path to being a productive happy adult.  

Pat and Cynthia F, Parents

Teri has been able to help our son look within himself at what would bring him joy in life.”

A big improvement that we have witnessed is the way he communicates with others.”