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Welcome to Doorknob Consulting, where your journey to excellence begins. Are you looking to elevate the people skills within your business? Seeking personal coaching that propels you towards life success, whether as an adult or young adult? Or perhaps, you’re exploring effective parenting or caregiver strategies and courses for youth that resonate with today’s challenges.

Our Mission Statement

At Doorknob Consulting, your individuality is not just respected – it’s celebrated. Our commitment is to accelerate your personal and professional growth, guiding you every step of the way. We believe in integrity, appreciation for the unique paths each person walks, and the power of transformation. Here, success isn’t just a dream – it’s a tangible reality, crafted and achieved through personalized guidance and steadfast accountability.

Join us, and let’s thrive together.

Your Path, Our Commitment

At Doorknob Consulting, your aspirations set our course. Since 1993, we’ve been more than a guide; we’ve been partners in crafting lives filled with joy, authenticity, and success. You are the heart of our mission.

Have you ever wondered how to strengthen trust and collaboration in your team? Our founder, Teri Haggerty (MBA, PCC, ODL), used her visionary expertise from Walt Disney World – Magic Kingdom to create a culture rooted in abundance and trust, guiding countless individuals, including teams from prestigious organizations like the U.S. Navy, towards joy and authenticity.

Client Coaching Experience

Hear from A. C., from the Department of Defense Voluntary Education program: “My coaching with Teri has injected more excitement and fun into my life. I’ve learned to positively support myself across all life areas, including my career. I’ve gained calmness in planning and organizing my life. This coaching program is excellent, with Teri’s supportive spirit, smile, and gentle yet strong guidance that pushes you kindly when needed.”

Innovation in Life Coaching and Interpersonal Skills Training

The last decade has seen us revolutionize Executive and Young Adult Coaching, along with Essential Interpersonal Skills Training. Our interactive business classes and textbooks, acknowledged by international bodies like the International Coach Federation and Success Unlimited Network (SUN), are crafted for your professional and personal growth. With 14 books and unique insights from our founder, a Reiki lll master, we bring diverse perspectives to empower you.

A Testament to Collaborative Success

Honor M. Bell, Director of the Office of Community Service & Outreach at the Department of the Navy in Pensacola, FL, shares his experience: ‘Teri, you played a crucial role in our conference focused on enhancing collaboration between colleges and the community for better education. Their leadership, vast experience, and valuable insights were pivotal – and the outcome was a resounding success!’”

A Future of Continued Excellence

Our team, enriched by certified instructors like Ruthie Noel, continues to expand, ensuring that your journey with us is ever-evolving and deeply fulfilling. At Doorknob Consulting, we’re not just part of your journey – we’re committed to making it extraordinary.

Your Journey Awaits

Are you looking for a way to align your personal and professional life? At Doorknob Consulting, we offer a path to not just discover but thrive in your dual roles. Let us be your compass in navigating both realms with confidence and clarity.

At Doorknob Consulting, we are dedicated to nurturing your visions of success.

Teri Haggerty

Teri Haggerty, founder, and president of Doorknob Consulting, a company that excels in several essential realms: helping businesses elevate their employees’ people skills and offering expert executive coaching for success, young adult life coaching, and parenting skills courses.

As a renowned Professional Certified Coach and strategic planning expert, she is the heart of Doorknob Consulting. With a vibrant history, including a pivotal internal role at Walt Disney World and an MBA from the University of West Florida, Teri excels in guiding individuals and companies to their full potential. Her unique journey, enriched by experiences in education and as a homeschool mom, gives her a profound insight into personal growth.

At Doorknob Consulting, Teri’s passion shines through her innovative approach to self-discovery, especially for the youth. She masterfully blends fun with inspiration, guiding clients to uncover their true potential. Her services aren’t just about coaching; they’re transformative experiences that foster personal and professional growth.
Teri’s impact is widespread, assisting organizations like the U.S. Navy and Tulane University with strategic planning and team-building. Her ability to adapt her expertise across various sectors highlights her versatility.

Also an author of 14 books, Teri’s writings focus on helping people find their life purpose and balance, embodying her belief in holistic development for ultimate success. Connect with Teri and embark on a journey to discover your path to life purpose discovery, well-being, and fulfillment. 
Her interests include sailing, kayaking, historical geometric drawing, Reiki lll, and travel. She resides in Florida.

Teri leading group

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