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Essential Interpersonal Skills  

The Essential Interpersonal Skills class spans 8 hours of intensive, interactive learning in person in a group setting of approximately 12 people. It’s flexible, offered either as a single full-day session or two half-day sessions approximately a week apart. To enrich the learning experience, preparatory activities are provided for the one-day class, or inter-session tasks for the half-day format. Full attendance and completion of classwork are prerequisites for receiving the Certificate of Completion, marking your dedication and skill acquisition.

Embracing an abundance mindset, Doorknob Consulting currently for the spring season of 2024 offers Interpersonal Skills courses on a contribution-based model. You choose what to contribute for your staff’s enrollment, reflecting the value you place on enhanced communication and other Interpersonal skills included in the training. Research shows poor communication can cost $620 up to $4,200 per employee yearly, so consider the potential savings and value these skills bring to your organization.

While we value this 8-hour training at $640 per person, we trust you to contribute according to its worth to you. Classes with additional class hours, such as the ‘Information Technology Interpersonal Skills’ class (12 hours/$735), are valued accordingly, per person. This approach not only supports our community-focused mission but ensures quality training accessible to all. Note: Class size limits apply for optimal outcomes, and training outside Pensacola Florida may incur additional travel costs.

Our Essential Interpersonal Skills Classes are a career game-changer, fostering an environment where communication is seamless and collaboration flourishes. These classes are tailored to enhance your professional relationships, improve team dynamics, and boost customer engagement, setting you on a path to a more satisfying and successful career. Reflecting research by the National Soft Skills Association, which found that 85% of career success hinges on “soft” people skills, our curriculum focuses on these crucial abilities. For an in-depth understanding, you can read more about this research at The Real Skills Gap. Our certificate of completion lists the skills covered and demonstrated by you that may influence employers in career advancement/hiring decisions. 

Doorknob Consulting’s Essential Interpersonal Skills Classes differ from others through a holistic, interactive approach that goes beyond the limits of typical online courses. While many online options focus on isolated skills, Doorknob’s in-person sessions offer comprehensive skill development, integrating a range of interpersonal abilities. This unique structure enhances not only skill understanding and development but also their practical application in various professional settings. The curriculum progresses through fundamental skills to business applications and job-specific customizations, all underpinned by an emphasis on mindset and supportive attitudes, crucial for personal growth. Interactive components and a completion certificate further augment the learning experience.

We provide specialized training formats designed to meet the unique needs of various industry sectors. Our offerings include:
Information Technology: A comprehensive 12-hour training program.
Freight Transportation: An extensive 18-hour training program tailored for this sector.

Hospitality: An in-depth 18-hour training program designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

For sectors dealing with clients experiencing fear during services, we offer advanced interpersonal training as a 2-hour add-on. This additional training is available after completing the standard program for that sector to address specific challenges in client interactions.

Executive and Adult Life Coaching

What is truly unique is our structured, yet flexible, methodology which includes crafting a Life Purpose statement as the foundation of your program (a description of the essence of who you are). Based on your Life Purpose statement you can easily envision long-term life area goals, following with short-term goals, while ensuring every step is purposeful and clear. This approach allows for setting weekly goals, measuring progress and wellbeing, and revealing keys to success, fostering habits that resonate with your life purpose. Doorknob Consulting’s coaching stands out through its partnership-driven, holistic approach. Unlike standard coaching methods, we focus on real-world applicability, ensuring growth that’s closely aligned with your core values and life purpose. 

Our 16-hour life coaching program, usually spanning 4-5 months, includes bi-weekly or tri-weekly sessions lasting 1.5 to 2 hours each. It encompasses reflective exercises, vision writing and action steps between sessions, with a focus on daily living aligned with your goals. The entire 16-hour program must be completed within eight months, ensuring a comprehensive journey towards personal growth.

Our premier, 16-hour lifestyle coaching program, led by International Coach Federation certified coaches, is priced at $4,000 with possible discounts and payment options available. This investment in your future happiness and well-being. A refund option is available after the first session and before the second session begins.

At Doorknob Consulting, our personal growth journey stands out through its deep respect for your individuality and life purpose. We focus on integrity, appreciation of your unique path, and harness transformative strategies to actualize your dreams. Our approach starts with your current position and strategically guides you to where you aspire to be, enabling mastery over results across all life areas. It’s more than coaching; it’s a sustainable, step-by-step, life-enhancing journey rooted in habit development for lasting joy and well-being. References are available upon request.

 In your complimentary discovery session with a coach from Doorknob Consulting, expect an engaging start to your transformative journey. This initial session is a complimentary 30-minute meeting. This time is all about understanding your current life balance, future aspirations and setting clear, achievable goals. By its end, you’ll have a well-defined six-month plan and a better grasp of your life’s balance and key areas. It’s the first step towards a new, fulfilling direction in your life journey and a clear picture of how we assist our clients to live a satisfying and fulfilling life.

Young Adult Life Coaching

Our lifestyle coaching program, led by ICF certified coaches, is a 16-hour commitment priced at $4,000, with available discounts and payment plans. Spanning 4-5 months, it includes bi-weekly, 1.5–hour sessions. Beginning with helping your young adult develop their Life Purpose statement and following with reflective activities, and goal-oriented “Results Game-homework” they become more motivated to engage and make best life choices from within themselves. Completion of the hours is within eight months, offering a lifetime of benefits in joy, health, well-being for success in life, education and career. A refund option is available after the first session and before the second session begins. Young adults begin this coaching program with a one-hour intake session with their coach priced at a small fee. This ensures there is a good match between coach and young client.

The Doorknob young adult life coaching program is tailored for 12-25-year-olds, focusing on self-discovery, confidence, and creativity to prepare them for a balanced future. This program is a vital guide for young adults, aligning with the Gallup Poll’s findings on the importance of hope, engagement, and well-being for youth success. It’s designed to help each young person uncover their purpose and embrace their unique strengths, contributing to a world where every teen is connected to their distinct life’s mission.

At Doorknob Consulting, our coaching stands apart as we partner closely in your child’s success. Our approach is customized, comprehensive, and grounded in real-life experiences, focusing on aligning your child’s growth with their true essence. The core of our method is Life Purpose discovery, which is unique to our program. We offer structured yet flexible guidance, helping young adults to find and live their purpose and making informed choices for their future. Our coaching is about empowering them to connect with their unique essence for a fulfilling and successful life.

In the complimentary discovery session for you, the parent, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of our program and its benefits. It’s an opportunity for both parents or caregivers of the young adult to experience our coaching style and determine the program’s suitability. There is also a short session for your young adult that focuses on defining goals and understanding life’s key areas from that young person’s perspective. It allows them to decide if life coaching is a fit for them. It sets a clear direction for the young adult’s journey and by the end, they’ll have a six-month goal plan and a balanced view of their life’s important aspects. There is a small fee for this session for your young adult which becomes part of their coaching fees when you decide to enroll them in coaching.

10 Easy Keys Webinars

The ’10 Easy Keys’’ webinars is an 8-hour, 8-session series focusing on unlocking kids’ passion and purpose through guiding their parents or caregivers on how to use life coaching strategies with the children and young adults. These interactive, coach-led webinars sessions using Zoom, are held weekly at a consistent time. Each week’s homework involves applying two ‘Keys’ with your young people, building on previously covered ‘keys.’ Designed to accommodate busy schedules, these sessions are concise yet impactful, providing valuable insights and practical applications.

The ’10 Easy Keys’ webinar is priced at $392 per participant. Flexible payment options include a single payment before the webinar or two installments of $199 each. Each webinar is led by a dedicated instructor from Doorknob and has a minimum number of registrants required for each webinar to begin. We offer a full refund after the first session and before the second begins if you are not completely satisfied. This investment echoes the philosophy of ‘a stitch in time saves nine,’ where a small investment now in your child’s development can prevent future challenges and enrich your relationship.

 In the ’10 Easy Keys’ webinar, you’ll learn effective mentoring strategies that focus on fostering self-awareness in young people and supporting their career and life choices. Each session is designed to be interactive and insightful, providing practical tools and actionable advice to improve your mentoring abilities.

The ’10 Easy Keys’ webinar is ideally suited for parents, educators, youth mentors, and anyone dedicated to positively shaping the lives of young adults. This webinar serves as a valuable resource for those eager to contribute meaningfully to the personal and professional development of the youth.

Absolutely! The ’10 Easy Keys’ webinar is highly interactive, offering a rich, engaging learning environment. You’ll be actively involved in discussions and gain insights from your instructor and fellow participants, enhancing your skill set and understanding. This program combats the feeling of isolation by creating a supportive community, vital in today’s world. It’s an ideal space for those committed to nurturing and understanding youth, providing a sense of connection and shared purpose in guiding young individuals.

Mentoring a child with life coaching techniques learned in the webinar, such as powerful questioning and observation skills, is vital for their holistic development. It helps adults to understand and nurture the child’s interests, opening doors for activities that align with their observed strengths and passions. This approach, combined with the unwavering support and guidance of a caring adult, shapes a child’s character, builds resilience, and sets a foundation for a fulfilling adulthood. Our ’10 Easy Keys’ webinar equips adults with these skills, enhancing their ability to positively influence a child’s journey from the early years to maturity.

The sessions are recorded in the rare event you miss one. This recording is only accessible until the next webinar to protect group confidentiality. Regular attendance is highly encouraged to gain the full benefits of the program, as it can significantly impact your life and relationships.

Contact us for information about an HR sponsored webinar to enhance employee motivation and engagement.

Empower your family’s journey with this webinar, designed to foster mutual growth and understanding between parent and teen. Address the critical challenges of parent and teen mental health as highlighted in Time’s insightful article.The outcomes of our webinars are solidly aligned with the problem and call-to-action in this timely article.

Your Key Your Door Webinars

This webinar is a 9-hour program consisting of 9 sessions. Each session is conducted in a small group format, limited to 12 young adults, allowing ample interaction time with the instructor and fellow students. The Zoom sessions are scheduled to take place once a week, at the same time every week. As part of the weekly commitment, students will complete chapter-related questions as homework between sessions.

The ‘Your Key Your Door’ webinar costs $436 per student for the 9-sessions. You can choose to pay in full before the webinar begins or opt for a two-installments payment plan of $225, with the first payment due before the start of the webinar and the second before the fifth session. Each webinar has a minimum number of registrants required for them to begin. We also offer a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied and decide to discontinue after the first session and before the second session. This investment today sets the stage for your child’s bright future.

Two exciting webinars are available for teens, and students can choose to take them in any order. Both webinars offer valuable insights and tools for teens to navigate their journey to a successful and purposeful future. Below are summaries of the two webinar tracks:

Goals-focused-  ‘Your Key Your Door’: In this webinar, students will understand their Life Purpose and how to live it; set clear visions and goals for the future; learn valuable skills of using personal keys of success and measuring their wellbeing.
Career-choice Focused- ‘Your Key Your Door’:  In this webinar students will develop skills such as listening techniques, career readiness by completing career triangles that target skills, strengths and values of the teen, strengthen career awareness through job-shadow conversations, and stay focused on their keys-to-success and intentions for a fulfilling life.

The sessions are not recorded unless the instructor is contacted by the sponsor at least 20 min before the session begins. This recording is only accessible until the next session to protect group confidentiality. Regular attendance is highly encouraged to gain the full benefits of the program, as it can significantly impact the student’s life and relationships.  Students must attend 8 sessions to receive a certificate.

People whose children have experienced these classes tell us that it is the most important class their child has ever taken. This class has the power to change your child’s life! We simply can not emphasize enough that attendance is of utmost importance for your child to receive the full benefit of what we have to offer.

Your child is unique and deserves a program designed to enhance their specific growth path. We recognize the individuality of each young person and tailor our webinar to meet their specific needs and aspirations.

Satisfaction comes from following a life purpose that fits. For young adults, that journey is often unclear or obscured by the many voices in the contemporary world.
So, we use powerful questions to help your teen look inside themselves to find out who they are, discover their purpose, and ways they can contribute uniquely to the world. Our well-trained instructors work collaboratively with your teen, guiding them through a discovery process that enables them to live their best life.

Accountability is another key aspect of what we offer, motivating your teen to work through this self-discovery during class and the weeks between sessions and beyond, connecting them with their internal motivation for life-long success.

We value confidentiality in our classes. Students are encouraged to share what they learn about themselves in the webinars with family and friends, but information shared by any student in session is confidential and must not be shared with others outside the group in the webinar without written permission. Students must sign a confidentiality agreement before the first session and this important factor will be clearly explained. If this agreement is found to be violated the student will be excused from the following sessions without a refund or certificate of completion.

Our instructors only initiate communication when required by mandatory reporting. We welcome parents or sponsors feedback via email to support your child’s journey during the webinar’s progress of the nine weeks! We want to see what you do from the outside and testimonies along the way are always welcome.

We offer an optional book and webinar for parents (10 Easy Keys) to learn how to support their student’s progress. While not mandatory, it’s encouraged as it provides valuable parenting tools and strengthens the parent-child relationship. We also offer one-to-one coaching with certified coach, Teri Haggerty, for parents, mentors or individual coaching for young adults.

In these two webinars young people discover who they are, and how to live their best life, which includes building inter-relationships with their parents and childcare mentors. Empower your family’s journey with these webinars, designed to foster mutual growth and understanding,  also addressing the critical challenges of parent and teen mental health as highlighted in Time’s insightful article. Read more at

Consulting Services

Yes, indeed! Our Interpersonal Skills Classes are perfect for individuals and teams. In our specific team-building and managing differences workshops we focus on enhancing communication, collaboration, and creating a thriving work environment that fosters innovation and job fulfillment with leadership,  staff and customers. Corporate training is one of our specialties and we have the toolbox to fit your unique needs.

We utilize listening conversations,  surveys and interviews to understand your organization’s strengths, culture, and areas for desired growth. Based on this analysis, we craft specialized strategies to enhance your organization’s desired performance and productivity.

Your business is unique and so are the challenges it faces. Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all but are tailored to address your specific needs and circumstances.

We have proven experience since 1994, and have helped improve hundreds of businesses. We believe in nurturing your growth, and in creating solutions that exceed your unique needs. We’re committed to guiding your business with values of trust, commitment, and integrity.

We ensure your business meetings and strategy sessions are productive, focused, and results-oriented. This helps your team stay on track and work towards achieving your business objectives effectively. Often, the leader needs to be part of the team in order to hear what is communicated. By having a trained Doorknob facilitator, leaders are relieved from that dual role. Our expertise makes your event seamless and exceeds your expectations.

We guide your organization through new leader transitions and transformative changes with a customer-focused approach. We aim to minimize disruption and maximize the benefits of the change.

We believe in embracing simplicity and delivering excellence. You can schedule a consultation by clicking on the ‘Contact’ tab on our header. From there, you can reach out to us and we will get back to you promptly for a transformative insight session and start your journey towards streamlined success.

Helpful Resources


Unlock the secrets to your life’s purpose with our LIFE PURPOSE DISCOVERY TOOLKIT! Created by Teri Haggerty, a certified life success coach, these recorded messages are filled with exercises and key insights to help you explore and understand your unique path. Discover what makes you special and how to live a happy, fulfilling life. Be your true self and live your life’s purpose! © Haggerty Consulting 2024

‘10 Easy Keys to Unlocking Kids’ Passion and Purpose’ textbook sample

For Parents and Mentors of Young People: Dynamic steps you can take to guide children and teens in self-discovery of their life purpose and how to live it. This is the textbook used for the ‘10 Easy Keys’ webinar.

Your Key Your Door textbook sample

For Teens: Life Purpose Discovery Book for Teens. Step-by-step guide for teens in self-discovery of their life purpose and how to LIVE it, with goals, action, and wellbeing. This is the textbook used for the two ‘Your Key Your Door’ webinars.

Personality Test

In this free test, similar to the Myers-Briggs personality test, you can discover your personality type and learn what motivates and concerns people with different personality types, helping you create more meaningful connections. We discuss these briefly in the interpersonal skills classes and life coaching sessions.

5 Love Languages quizzes

Unlock the Power of Effective Communication with ‘The 5 Love Languages’! Take the ‘Love Languages Quiz’ or the ‘Appreciation Language Quiz’. We discuss these briefly in the interpersonal skills classes and life coaching sessions.

The Real Skills Gap Article

We discuss this article briefly and teach these recommended skills by the National Soft Skills Association, plus many additional skills, in our Interpersonal Skills Classes.

Crucial impact of interpersonal ‘soft’ skills

This article highlights the crucial impact of interpersonal ‘soft’ skills in the workplace, spotlighting a US survey that reveals miscommunication costs small businesses of up to 100 staff an average of $420,000 annually, while larger firms with at least 100,000 employees face staggering losses of up to $62.4 million per company due to inadequate communication.