We picture a world

where the art of listening is the foundation of every successful relationship with young people.

Imagine yourself playing a transformative role in guiding a child to discover and embrace their true strengths and talents!

Why enroll in our live webinars?

Our teachers and life coaches provide invaluable, useful insights that focus on empowering you with 10 Keys, which include:



to foster self-awareness in children and young people of all ages, helping them identify their unique abilities and passions.



to guide young people in recognizing their intrinsic worth and translating it into their positive actions.



to aid in discovering a child’s life purpose, aligning it with their personal potential and career aspirations.

This isn’t just a webinar; it’s an essential skill-enhancing journey for adults committed to fostering a culture of respect and holistic growth in young people of all ages.”

Webinar Details

• The webinar will meet weekly for one hour, at the same time/day each week for 8 consecutive weeks.

• This webinar is highly interactive, offering a rich, engaging learning environment. You’ll be actively involved in discussions and gain insights from your instructor and fellow participants, enhancing your skill set and understanding. 

• The textbook, the foundation of our webinar, will be mailed to you before the start of the webinar.

• Each session is recorded and is available for review for one week after the session.

Our Invitation for You as a Parent, Mentor or Caregiver for a Child

Unlock a brighter future for your children and young adults with our transformative “10 Easy Keys” webinar. For just $392, (or choose two monthly installments of $199 each) this 8-session program equips you with the skills to guide your young ones like a life coach, fostering open-mindedness and powerful self-discovery. Remember, a full refund is available after the first class to ensure your complete satisfaction with our commitment to parenting excellence. In-Person classes in the Pensacola Florida area are welcome and course attendee minimums apply.

Champions of Young Adult’s Excellence

Each day counts in their journey to resilience, confidence, and emotional intelligence. Contact us to enroll now and be the catalyst for their remarkable transformation. Don’t wait – every moment is important and a step toward their empowered future and lifelong success.

Choosing this skill-building webinar means opening avenues for you with easier mentoring and relationships with your youngsters. Questions about our webinars? Reach out now to connect with Teri and find your answers.

Special offer for Employers

We believe this supportive webinar is vital for you, as employers, to support work-life balance, cultivate a culture of respect, and greater employee engagement. It is designed to empower your staff with skills and insights that enhance their professional lives and enrich their personal development. Contact us for special scheduling and pricing options.